Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have an issue? Here's a tissue!

I have been fighting off a nasty cold/sinus infection ever since we returned from Mexico, so pardon my absence on ye ole' blog.  I've been going to bed early, living on Sudafed, and blowing my nose... sounds exciting, right?!  In lieu of an exciting post, here's a little Etsy tribute to cute lil' tissue holders... I'd call it Etsy Nose Candy, but that just sounds wrong people.


This is a two-in-one... holds your hankies and your powder for your nose!  I'm in love with the teeny hedgehogs too.  *cute*  It's from Etsy seller givegift. 

Tissues and hand sanitizer?!  You make an infection control nurse's heart flutter!  By itsthesmallthings.

I soooo have to have this.  A whale tissue box??  Shut.  Up!  From gnomesweeeetgnome.

This sewing pattern covers your tissues and adds pockets for extras, like lozenges... chapstick... chocolate.  You know, the essentials.  Hee.  From flowergirldesign.

And finally... for those runny noses who have some runnin' around to do!  This visor tissue holder is from nstitches4u.

Hope this post finds you sneeze-free and feeling well... but if not, you know where to go to hide your hankies!  Have a great week!

***  all photo credits to the original Etsy artists

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Love the tissue visor holder!


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