Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Faves {April Fool's}

Can you believe it's already the first of April?  And since it is April Fool's Day, how about a Friday Fave collection dedicated to all you little pranksters out there?!

If my daughter weren't staying home sick for the fifth day in a row, I might've packed her one of these gag lunches from Family Fun!

photo credit: Family Fun
Maybe you'd like to fool someone with a little spilled coffee prank?  This is from Clumsy Crafter...

photo credit: Clumsy Crafter
Even Martha gets in on the fun... the ole rubber band around the spray nozzle trick!

photo credit:
Or salt in the sugar bowl?  Martha, you are a naughty one, aren't you?

photo credit:
Or my personal fave... saran wrapping the toilet seat.  Just be prepared for the, er, cleanup.

photo credit: EgoTV
Hope you're pulling some pranks on the ones you love today!  Happy April Fool's and Happy Friday!

We'll be busy with our neighborhood garage sale this weekend - maybe I'll finally be able to park in the garage!  And stay tuned... there's a tutorial headed your way!

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