Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Sharing some glimpses into Christmas in my home this year…

Christmas vignette home.made.

My Willow Tree nativity and last year’s cinnamon ornaments graced my entry.

Cookies home.made.

Christmas cookies are always a fave.

Snowglobe home.made.

Our miniature waterless snow globes (since the bottle brushes rust in water!).

Tree 2 home.made.

One of several Christmas trees – my MIL gives us ornaments each year with our childrens’ photos so we can see how much they’ve grown!

Christmas girls

And of course, my two reasons for the magic of this season.

Only a few days until 2013!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

{Free Printable} Twas the Night Before Christmas

It's the night before Christmas... but how about a free printable to put up just in time for ole Saint Nick's arrival??

Wishing you a blessed and joyous holiday season!

Friday, December 21, 2012

{Teacher Gift} Child’s Artwork Tea Towel

I wanted to do something special for my girls’ teachers this year, something a little more personal than the usual gift card or Bath and Body Works lotion set.  I wanted to give their teachers a gift that they could use and that would remind them of my girls beyond this Christmas.  This is the end result:
I had both of my girls draw pictures for their teachers – my oldest made an animated tree, complete with googly eyes.
artwork tea towel
My youngest drew a picture of her and her teacher with a tree and falling snow.  (Note, the circles on the pictures are sleeves, not what you think they are!  Giggle.)
I scanned their artwork into my computer and printed them on iron-on transfer paper.  I ironed the designs on to my fave flour sack towels from Target, added a jumbo rick rack trim and the bottom and embroidered over their names with a simple back-stitch.
I love children’s handwriting, and I love that the embroidery captures this sweet handwriting forever.
I packaged the towels with gift cards for the teachers and tied the gift with thick green yarn.
Here they are, ready for gift-giving today on the last day of school – made by hand, with lots of love from two special littles whose lives were touched by two wonderful teachers.

What are you giving as teacher gifts this year?

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Photos!!

I’m ashamed to admit it, but my girls are five and seven and we had never had a real family portrait taken.  Sure, we’ve got plenty of family pics taken by friends and family, but there’s just something special about a professional family portrait, don’t you think?

Since it gets dark so early this time of the year, our photo session was scheduled for the afternoon.  I actually took the day off work so I wouldn’t have to leave early and feel rushed in getting the fam ready.  Funny story… Mr. home.made. talked me into a trail run that morning and wouldn’t you know it… I sprained my ankle!  Since my outfit included heels (beauty is pain, right?) it made for an adventuresome photo session.

We used a fantastic local photographer, Caressa Captures, who just happened to go to college with my sister and who I just happen to sit next to on Monday nights when our girls are in gymnastics.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding job she did…

2507 (2)

My girls normally are hams in front of the camera, especially my little one, but it took a little while to get them to loosen up for Ms. Caressa.  (Guess that’s what happens when it’s their first real photo shoot!)

2789 (2)

As all great photographers do, she captured not only their beauty…


but also their personalities.


That, my friends, would be the “clover tongue”, so lovingly passed down from a certain daddy to his daughters.  Ahem.

We are blessed beyond measure!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Magnolia Leaf Poinsettia

I’m continuing my nature-inspired Christmas series with my latest creation… my Magnolia Leaf Poinsettia!
While at my sister’s house last weekend, I asked if I could have some leaves from her magnolia trees with the intention of making a garland.  As I gathered fallen leaves, I quickly realized that I would need A LOT of leaves for a garland.  I toyed with the idea of a wreath, but that seemed pretty time-consuming as well.  So I ended with this: a festive poinsettia that didn’t cost a cent to make!

Want to make some for your home?  Here’s how:

You Will Need:

  • magnolia leaves (fresh or fallen, although fresh are a little more pliable)
  • liquid silver leaf (optional)
  • craft felt
  • hot glue gun
  • alligator clips (optional)


1.  This first step is optional if you don’t want your leaves silver, but if you do… brush on liquid silver leaf to your leaves.  Trust me, it’s beautiful.  You could use craft paint as well if you’re going for a colored look (traditional red or white, perhaps?).
2.  Once leaves have dried thoroughly, you’re ready to put your leaf “petals” together.  Cut a piece of felt 1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long.  Fold in thirds, securing with hot glue.  This will form a sturdy base for your poinsettia.
3.  Take your leaves and hot glue to felt base in a cross pattern.  (You’ll want to not only glue the center/stems, but also the back of the leaf to the felt.)
4.  Allow the glue to dry a bit, then add four more leaves in a cross pattern between the first leaves.
5.  Set aside to dry fully.  Now, out of your felt, you’ll need to cut a shape like this:
I just free-handed this, alternating heights as I went.  (If you’re in need of a template, let me know and I’ll get one on the blog).
6.  Roll felt piece at the bottom edge, securing with hot glue as you go.
When you’re done, it will look like this:
7.  Hot glue your felt “stamen” to the center of your poinsettia.
8.  You’re done!  (Unless, of course, you want to add an alligator clip on the back so you can clip this to a garland or tree limb.  If that’s the case, simply hot glue to felt base.)

I tucked my poinsettias into the garland over my front door…

I’m loving them! 
The rest of my entry still needs a little more… something.  Once I figure it out I’ll show you the full reveal!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you’re inspired to pick up some fallen leaves and give them a new life!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nature-Inspired Christmas Series {Ornament}

I’m finally catching up on life around here and wanted to post the first of my nature-inspired Christmas decorations… an ornament made from those awesome Burr Oak acorns that I showed you a few days ago.

This particular acorn only had the remaining “hat” when I found it on one of my runs… and I thought it was a perfect setting for a miniature winter wonderland!  The tiny tree nestled inside the mossy acorn cup is simply magical.
If you’re lucky enough to have these acorns where you live, here’s how to make your own!

You will need:

  • Burr Oak Acorns/Caps
  • Mini Bottle Brush Tree (I found mine in the craft section at Hobby Lobby and soaked them in a bleach/water mixture to turn them white.)
  • Glue
  • Fake Snow (not pictured)
  • Glitter


1.  Coat the inside of acorn cap with glue, securing the tree in the middle.
007     008
2.  Add fake snow around the tree.
3.  Add additional glue on top of snow and sprinkle with glitter.
4.  Set aside to dry.  Once dry, invert to remove excess glitter.
5.  Simply set on tree branch for display.  Enjoy…

There’s more to come in the christmas series, so stay tuned.  Up next will be a fun way to repurpose fallen leaves… and more acorn crafts!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decor from Mother Nature

I am working on some additions to my holiday decor this year... special little somethings that you won't find in a store made out of these beauties:

I'll give you a minute to catch your breath.

Gorgeous, right?!

These are burr oak acorns - I have a neighbor down the street with a gigantic burr oak tree and I stalk it every winter, waiting for these to fall and rushing to pick them up before someone drives over them.  I have been known to pick these up during a run and run a mile or two with it in my hand... crazy?  Maybe just a little... 

With acorn or without, these are fabulous and I am completely smitten.

Can't wait to show you what I'm doing with them... stay tuned!


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