Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Tutorial} Placemat Pillow

There's something about the newness of spring that always inspires me to renew and freshen up things around my house.  After a weekend spent mega cleaning, purging, and organizing, I was ready for some fresh new decor.  For a long time, I've been wanting to replace/update the pillows on my sofa but every time I found some I liked, I couldn't believe the price... $30-40 for a little pillow?

Yeah.  Some places are proud of their pillows, people.

Then, this past weekend, I found a gorgeous placemat in the summer section at Target.  It's a thick canvas material, double sided, and only $2.99!  Rather than see a placemat, I saw a pillow waiting to be stuffed... and thus the Placemat Pillow tutorial.

What You'll Need:
Double-sided placemat
Seam Ripper
Polyfil (or stuffing of choice)
Needle and coordinating thread (or sewing machine, if that's how you roll)

Step 1:  Take the seam ripper and open up about 4 inches along one of the sides.

Step 2:  Stuff to your heart's content.  (I know... ridiculously easy right?!)

Step 3.  Close seam with straight stitch on machine or backstitch by hand.  I chose to use my machine, so I pushed the stuffing to the far opposite side to help keep my seam line straight while sewing.

I also left the thread line from aforementioned seam-ripping as a guide so my new seam lines up with the previous one.

Step 4:  Fluff and enjoy your new $2.99 pillow!!

Now, go make one... and email me the link if you do so I can enjoy your fabulous pillow too~


  1. What a great {& inexpensive} idea!! I'm totally going to do this sometime!!

  2. Wow! Love this...thanks for sharing :o)

  3. super! I made a bunch of pillows last week out of napkins and placemats. Haven't posted yet, though. Cheers

  4. Okay. I almost didn't click on this link because I thought it was going to be a lot of sewing. (Yes, I consider sewing around a rectangle a lot of sewing. lol.)

    I am so glad that I looked at this! That is so simple and it looks so great!

    Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Beautiful pattern! I posted about a pillow I made using the same method! I love it, so easy! I'll never look at a placemat the same way again! Would love it if you came and checked it out!


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