Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is it Easter yet?

I know Saint Patty's Day is tomorrow and it's probably bah-humbug for me to be passing it over in my home, but I'm ready to get my Easter on.  I've started pulling out some of my decorations and I've got some other things up my crafty sleeve that I'll be sharing with you soon.  I've also found some great little DIY ideas that require minimal effort but have a great end result.  Enjoy!

Martha Stewart definitely has a good thing with her Crepe Paper Carrots
photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

Country Living has the most perfect Paper Mache Nest... aren't they pretty?

photo credit: Country Living

Or maybe some little pom pom chicks?  Again, from the domestic goddess herself, Martha.

photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

Looks like I'll be a busy chick (pun intended) pretty soon.

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  1. I totally pass over St. Patty's Day at my house as well! I never decorate for it! Easter decor is another story...loving that second photo! Have a great week!


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