Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decorating on a Budget Woes

You know when you have that magical aha! moment of design inspiration and you know exactly what you want to do with a space in a home?  It's such an incredible feeling, right?

And then you have the realization that you're married to Dave Ramsey, Jr. and that joy, that elation of the. most. perfect. room. ever. gets squashed like a tiny bug into the concrete sidewalk of life.

I therefore squash you, hopes and dreams of creating a perfect space!

Today, I am that bug.  And I am peeling up what's left of my plan for our newly repainted office off the bottom of Mr. home.made.'s shoes.  After telling him about what I was thinking of doing in the room, it came down to the fact that we need to buy new furniture... and that, well... wasn't quite part of the "Live Like No One Else" plan.


I know we're doing the right thing, paying down debt so we can truly can be debt free, but I have to be honest ya'll, I'm not excited about the prospect of waiting another eight years before I'm allowed to purchase anything that's not in "The Budget".

I've picked out what I want for the room - and the likelihood of it being around when we finally say good riddance to ole' Dave is pretty slim. 


I guess that means I'll have to move on to Plan B: Improvise and Save Up.

Last night I put two items of furniture on Craigslist and I hopefully already have one sold, so if that (fingers crossed) happens, I'll have the beginnings of an Office Redo savings fund.  I had planned on purchasing a new desk space and a new sleeper sofa, and while I'm willing to compromise on the desk and try to thrift one, I'm unwilling to do that with a sleeper sofa.  Ew. Can't do it.  Sorry guys, but my job is all about communicable disease and the thought of a "used" sleeper sofa grosses me out.

Now that I've been firmly put in my place, I'm gonna see just what this girl can accomplish.

So what about you?  Surely I'm not the only one fighting the budget battle?

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  1. I totally don't blame you for not wanting a used sleeper sofa! & I completely understand the budget woes due to Dave Ramsey! We've been needing to replace our living room furniture for awhile now, but we're working on our Baby Steps & saving up for it! You can do it!!


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