Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Pom Pom Wreath

In the midst of the Yarn It Forward giveaway, I spent my weekend continuing the pom pom obsession that began before Christmas... and turned that obsession into a Valentine's wreath!  It makes my front door happy and makes me *smile*!

I wish I could tell you I have pictures of the process, but in bad blogger form, I don't.  It literally took me forever to accomplish the pom poms between baby girl needing her mama to hold her for nearly 36 hours straight and the girls wanting to make pom poms too!

It's really quite simple.  I used a grapevine wreath form that I purchase at Walmart for cheap - then, rather than snip the longer yarn threads used to tie the pom pom together, I used them to tie the poms to the wreath and then trimmed.  I used two different size pom pom makers, fyi.

I achieved the various thicknesses by wrapping more yarn on some poms and less on others.  To add interest, I made poms using two different yarns, wrapping each together.  I love the way the thick white yarn poms look with the sprinkle of thinner pink and red yarn.  (Please excuse the not so purty door - I have plans for that door but have to wait for not so wet weather!)

The final touch was one of my heart cookie cutters... a perfect nod to Valentine's Day!  It's suspended with, what else, but some yarn!  I criss-crossed the yarn at the top of the heart to keep it from turning sideways.

I've got a little more V-Day decorating to do, but am working on it.  Here's a cute Valentine subway art printable from eighteen25.  I just love all of the free printables!  And do you see what's in the background?  That's my felt topiary from last year - I salvaged it from the beating it took while moving.  I just couldn't bear to let it go...

I'm making some changes with my etsy shop and looking forward to some exciting things in February... I can tell you, the February theme is going to be {HEART}.  Here's a peeksy at something I'll be adding to etsy soon - you'll understand the HEART theme in due time...

Stick around for the excitement!


  1. Love this! I pinned it last week sometime and posted the pin in a blog post. I'm going to try to make one soon. I'll post again and link back to you if I manage to get it done!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life


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