Friday, January 14, 2011

We all fall down...

Yesterday morning, my baby girl tripped and fell... and subsequently got a pretty big booboo:  A lacerated chin and a broken (in two places) jaw.  Yeah.  From tripping while doing an everyday gym activity at her school.  You just never know what each day will bring.

My husband and I are both nurses (with ER backgrounds), so we were pretty attuned to what was taking place yesterday.  For the first time though, we were on the other side of things and it was pretty darn scary.  I literally felt like throwing up when I looked at the fracture in her jaw and heard the words "plate" and "jaw wired shut".  Against my will, the tears started flowing.  Not wanting to scare my daughter, I stepped outside so I could get myself under control and make necessary phone calls. 

We were transferred to a children's hospital so we could see an oral maxillofacial surgeon.  We waited four hours to see this guy, but he brought us very good news (and a great bedside manner as well).  What looked so scary on x-ray was not as bad on the CT scan, meaning a much less involved surgery and shorter recovery process.  Praise the Lord. 

Lil Sis had surgery last night and we brought her home.  She's a tough little chickie... her face is swollen, her eyes are red where she had them taped for surgery, and she's not digging the blended diet thing but she's still managing a smile every now and then.  She's sleeping right now on the couch, thankfully.  She had quite a restless night, as did all of us.  Big Sis was mighty scared for her Lil G... so sweet.

Thank you to everyone for praying, and thinking of us, and for caring.  It makes my heart smile.

And thanks for your patience with the YIF - I will get things up and going again soon, I promise.  I did want to clear up a little confusion regarding the giveaway... you must enter each day for the items you'd like to win.  I'll draw winners for each day from those who commented on that particular item.  Make sense?  K!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl's accident! I'm glad the surgery went well. Praying for a speedy recovery!!

  2. Wishing you all well and hoping for a speedy recovery! Take care.

  3. So sorry to hear about the little one's accident, but so happy it wasn't worse. I'll be including you all in my prayers.

  4. I just really admire you going forward with your giveaway and keeping up with your blog when crisis hit at home! Thanks for your example of faith and trust and diligence. :o)

  5. Oh and I pray a speedy recovery and comforting times ahead for your little girl.


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