Sunday, January 23, 2011

Priorities and a Sneak Peek

I've got a tutorial in the works for you guys, but if any of you are working moms, you understand how sometimes there's just not enough time in the precious weekend to get it all done.  And if any of you are moms, period, you get that sometimes there's a certain child that WILL NOT TAKE A NAP!, and sometimes there's a certain child that can not nap due to aforementioned child that WILL NOT TAKE A NAP!, and that sometimes... I need to spend mommy-daughter time with she who will not and she who can not.

You get that, right?

Of course you do.

There are times when I get in a good crafting groove and I sew and knit and cut and paste and design and take pictures and blog... and I get so caught up in the process of creating that I get frustrated, and sometimes angry, when I am interrupted.

And then I feel so guilty.

It happened just today.  I got frustrated... and then felt guilty.

It's difficult having to put projects aside, especially when I am in the middle of a crafting documentary (aka tutorial - sounds so important the other way, right?!).  At the end of the day though, I am a mama, and that is more important than any of my beckoning projects or any beautiful fabric or any idea that is brewing in my brain.  At the end of the day, I want my daughters to remember me playing outside with them instead of putting in a movie so mama can get just a little more "work" done.

You get that too, right?

So bear with me on the tutorial craft documentary posting.  It might just take me the rest of the week to get it all finished and chronicled.  I can give you a sneaky peeky, though... wanna see?

Of course you do.   *squee*!

Nothing like a teaser post to start the week!

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