Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party Planning Underway

It's so hard to believe, but my first born is about to be 6!!

After changing her mind over and over about what theme of party she'd like to have, she finally settled on a puppy party.  Cause, you know, that's easy right?!  Here are the cupcakes she's decided her mama must make for her:

photo credit: Hello Cupcake
With the help of my lovely sister, I'm up to the task of the pupcakes.  No problemo.

Now on to invitations... it's quite difficult to find ready-made invitations for a girl's puppy birthday party, so I decided to browse my favorite handmade mall: Etsy.  I heart Etsy.  Look at these great finds!

This first one is from Etsy seller carvecsmom.  I never thought I'd be able to find a puppy party invite that was also girly.  Isn't it fantastic?!

photo credit: carvecsmom
Love this one as well from loralangdesigns.  It's not only a puppy party invite... it's a chihuahua puppy party invite!  With a tiara!!

photo credit: loralangdesigns

Now that the invites are taken care of, how about some puppy party treats?

I love these puppy paw crayons from LilDoodlers.  I almost want to make myself a goody bag so I can have some!

And if you don't want the paws, you can have the whole pup!

photo credit: LilDoodlers

And what little girl wouldn't love these little doggy hair clips!  *squee*  These are from nattiecakesdecor.

photo credit: nattiecakesdecor
Or wait... maybe a balloon doggy necklace from claygoddess??

photo credit: claygoddess
And then toss in a little puppy lollipop from SweetLollipopShop and it's a treat bag that's definitely no doggy bag! 

photo credit: SweetLollipopShop
Who could forget a special puppy outfit for the birthday girl?  I adore this dress from
SummerHouseDesigns.  A.  mazing.  The best part?  This can be worn on many other occasions!  It's so beautiful...

photo credit: SummerHouseDesigns
So, whaddya think?  There are some pretty incredible, talented peops out there and it makes me all the more excited to get things planned.    I'll be using this party planner timeline from Martha - it helps keep me on track to make sure I remember to do everything to make this puppy party something to bark about!

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  1. Absolutely, positively, certainly and fer sure dude, things were not this cute when I was a kid. What a difference an ice age or two can make, eh?


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