Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keepin' It Real

I'm sitting here on the couch next to my main squeeze, typing out a post while watching the Top Shot wrap-up and The Deadliest Catch.  (Does anyone else's hubby have channel-hopping issues like mine?! Geez.)  I should be priming and painting, editing photos, and searching Craigslist for furniture castoffs needing some TLC but I thought I'd rather speak to you from the heart.

It can be difficult sometimes in the blog-world (heck, the world in general) to try and keep yourself grounded rather than keep up with Joneses, but with social media and the internet as it is, we are constantly bombarded with ideas, images, how-tos, etc. of how to make our homes more beautiful, our closets more stylish, and our children's teachers more happy with the gifts they receive on Teacher Day.  It's amazing, this world wide web thing, and aptly named, as sometimes you can get so trapped in all of the posts, pins, tweets and status updates that you can't get away from it.  

As a blogger, it's even more time-consuming when you consider the time spent doing a project, photographing said project, editing said photos, and then writing and re-writing a post, followed by the link parties and comments on others' projects, etc.  As a blogger who has a family, a full-time job, and a commitment to my church, I have to step back at times and get my priorities in order.  This means that the paint brushes may sit idle for a while, the dust accumulates on my sewing machine, and my project list just gets longer and longer...

Case in point: I have yet to paint stripes on the white curtains that have been sitting in my office for a month.  I still haven't finished recovering the outdoor settee cushions (that I started last summer - gah!).  My bedroom is still puke green.  Everywhere.  My closet overhaul idea still remains just that: an idea.  The office I repainted last year is only fully furnished in my mind.  

And you know what?  It's okay.  Cause while I haven't accomplished any of these projects just yet, I was able to accomplish some other things: making horsey cupcake cakes for my daughter's birthday party this past weekend, whipped up a coordinating horsey outfit for a very happy birthday girl, snuggled with my man, stayed home with my oldest child when she was sick with strep throat...

Being a mom and wife are some of the greatest projects I've got going right now.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that, right?


  1. ABSOLUTELY!!! Take some time off! You deserve it & so does your family!!

  2. Amen! I think we all face this type of thing. Well said!

  3. Definitely! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Well said, Rhonda! Thanks for reminding me of what's really important.


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