Sunday, January 30, 2011

{TUTORIAL} Reversible, Multi-Occasion Felt Bunting!!

Drum roll please..........

I finally completed the tutorial *ahem* craft documentary I've been working on for the past couple of weeks: a Reversible, Multi-Occasion Felt Bunting!  You see, I love me some fabric buntings but I'm a busy girl.  Although I'd love to make a brand new bunting for every occasion or holiday that comes along, I just don't have the time to do that.  So, I decided to make a reversible bunting that allows you to switch out the message using your favorite printables... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

What You'll Need:

Felt, two colors, 1 yard each
Stiffened felt, one 9x12 sheet
Double fold Bias Tape Quilt Binding (7/8" wide, 3 yards)
Mod-Podge Clothespins (tutorial from the Accidental Crafter)
5" square printable banner letters (mine are from The TomKat Studio Mod Glam Valentine Collection)

Ready?  Here we go!

1.  Decide what message you want your bunting to say - the number of letters = how many finsihed squares you'll need to have.  (My message required seven...)

2.  Cut 7"x7" squares from each color of felt.  (You will have two different color squares for each letter.)

3.  Cut 1"x1" squares from the stiffened felt.  You will need two of these for each piece of felt.  Next, cut each square in half diagonally so you're left with two triangles.

4.  There are two ways you can do this next step.  The first way is to measure down and in 3/4" from each corner and mark with an erasable pen, being sure to extend the lines so they cross in an "X".

You can also do it this way, what I call the "cheater way"... Cut out a 3/4"x3/4" square of the stiffened felt and line it up with each corner of the felt, drawing your line to extend as an "X".

5.  You will then line up your triangles within the inner X marking like so:

6.  Do this for all four corners.

7.  Next, sew around the outer edges of each triangle, leaving the long edge open (this creates your "photo corner" to hold your printable).  You can use any stitch here that you'd like, but after trying a few different stitches, this blanket stitch was my favorite.

Note: for this step, there's no need for pinning.  The stiffened felt stays put pretty well by itself.  Just hold the edge with your finger to keep it from shifting as you sew.

8.  Repeat this process for each felt square, then tie and trim loose threads.

9.  Once all of these are done, you'll be sewing together your finished squares.  Take one square of each felt color and place them WST, pinning along the seams.  Repeat for all squares.

10.  Using a 3/8" seam allowance, sew a straight stitch around all four edges.  Repeat for all remaining squares, then set them aside.

11.  Next, take your bias tape and sew a straight stitch along open seam, using 1/4" seam allowance.

12.  Insert your printable letters into the four corners and that's it!
Now it's time to find the perfect place to hang your bunting and put it together!  I tied bows at each end and hung them on a hook (Command Strips rock!)  Space apart your message evenly and secure with your mod podges clothespins - sit back and enjoy!

And when it's time for another holiday or occasion, just switch out your letters and/or alternate colors... Christmas, perhaps?  (The TomKat Studio Vintage Rudolph collection)

Or maybe just a simple message you can keep up all year long?

Whatever the message, I hope you express it with this bunting - if you make one, please contact me and send me pics so I can feature your home.made. goodness!

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