Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Sign of the Times

My kindergartener came home the other day and told me about what she learned at school that day...


I listened in amazement and fear and she described to me what she and the rest of her school are supposed to do in case "a bad man comes into our school who wants to hurt us."  She told me she's learned that they have to hide in a certain place and stay very quiet so "he can't find us" and then have to stay there until the policemen say they can come out.


Makes me want to homeschool her just thinking about it.

Makes me want to cry just thinking about the possibility. 

And the sad thing is, something like that is probably more likely to happen at a school than any of the natural disasters I remember doing drills for at her age.

Fire, Tornadoes, Bomb Threat... and let's just add in Lockdown.


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