Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La Da Dee, La Da Dah

Cause she's homeless.


We have been trying to close on the sale of our house for the past two months, and thanks to Stank Bank of America, it looks like we'll be delayed even more.  Our buyers have been diligently trying to stay in touch with their lender to assure we were good to go for closing tomorrow, and once again, the day before closing they decide to communicate that the underwriter still needs more information.

I am so frustrated I don't even feel like sewing.

You know that's bad.

Even worse is that we've found a house we absolutely love but can't really commit to a contract since our closing is so uncertain, and I'm scared that someone else is going to snatch it out from under us while we're in limbo.


My dh keeps telling me to think about the Serenity prayer, but I'm just not feeling it right now.  I know it's out of my hands... I've put it in the Lords' hands... but I am a gal trying to plan out the next twenty years of her life (and how to decorate for Christmas)!!  I'm a gal who is so certain about this house she's ready to order her return address stamp!

I'm praying it all works out and we can close on our old house and get a contract for the one we want our girls to grow up in.  Until then...

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