Monday, September 6, 2010

Rekindling an Old Flame

I was packing up for our Labor Day weekend trip to the lake, when I got the urge to take something crafty with me just in case of downtime. (This is a rare occasion, but it has been known to happen.)  Thinking my in-laws might find me a little crazy if I brought along Pearl...I opted to return to an old love - knitting. 

I grabbed some yarn that was intended, I'm sure, to be a fabulous little sweater at some point in time... and decided it'd be just as fabulous as a scrumptious, squishy scarf.  I found a pattern from knitty that I'd adored before: the Lace Ribbon scarf, picked up some needles, and threw it all in a little bag, just in case.

Lucky me, I did manage a little downtime to get to work on the scarf this weekend while enjoying the sunshine and the cooler temperatures.  Minus a couple of dropped yarn-overs, it all came back rather quickly and naturally, like I hadn't abandoned my knitting addiction to become a sewing addict.  Of course, I'm a little rusty, so I can't knit yet as speedily as I once did, but I'm having fun.  One of the things I'd always loved about knitting is that it's portable.  Just slip your project in a bag and it goes where you go... in the car, to the lake, or just to the couch while dh is watching Project Runway the History Channel with you.

Not too shabby, considering I haven't really done much knitting in quite a while.  I was even going to start working on the scarf a little more while the girls rested this afternoon... until I discovered this.


At least I saved the yarn over, right?!

Now, off to find some super glue and deal with one particular Big Sis who thinks I don't know she's been out of bed instead of resting...

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  1. I feel for you, Rhonda;) It happens to me all the time as one tv lady says. Did you save your project?


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