Monday, September 27, 2010

Made to Match

I whipped up one of Lil Blue Boo's twirl skirts this weekend for Lil Sis from some leftover jersey knit... when it didn't ellicit the usualy happy response, I made one for her doll to wear as well!  Boy, did that change everything.  Before I knew it, they were matching... and I could see an American Girl doll obsession entering into my life in the near future.
She's still wearing that happy smile... love it!  The skirts are so quick and easy, I might be making some more matching ensembles soon.  My doll shirt definitely needs work though - it was a quick little hand-drawn pattern that needs some tweaking.  Anyone know of a good tutorial for this?

I'm actually at home today with my youngest, whose daily tummy ache turned out to be the real deal this morning.  I was almost at work when I got a call that she had showered the classroom with her breakfast.  Poor baby.  She's been fine since, fingers crossed.  Seeing as I really didn't feel well myself this morning, it's not half bad that circumstances made me stay home today.  I've been fighting off this viral respiratory crud all weekend - my voice is nearly gone... and Lil Sis thinks that's kinda funny. 

Update on School Days Jacket:  I've cut out all of the pieces for the outer jacket.  All that's left is cutting out the liner pieces and getting to work on the sewing... whee!

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