Sunday, September 12, 2010

Candy Corn Hobo Sack!!

Do you find yourself being inspired by what other craftbloggers are doing?  I do, and sometimes it puts a kink in my project plans once I get yet another idea in my head! 

So Friday, I initially intended to just hop on over to Dana's for her Hobo Sack Tutorial so I could make the girls their own special little bags for ballet and gymnastics.  Somehow, along the way, I got distracted by everyone's fabulous fall ideas.  Even though it's still blazing hot here in Texas and technically summer hasn't ended, I've got fall fever.  Football games on Friday nights and all weekend long, the smell of cinnamon pumpkin everything, school buses everywhere... it's fall to me!

So into my head popped the idea for using Hobo sacks for Halloween trick-or-treating, and what better inspiration than candy corn?!

I pieced the different colors as Dana did with her Citrus Sack, cutting the yellow at 5 inches, the orange at 4 inches, and the white at 3 inches.

I was actually about to grab a, well, corny candy corn print to use as the liner when I saw this black gingham on a nearby rack.  Thank goodness.  I think it makes the bag...

The strap is some black jersey knit from my stash, cut freehand and then stretched so it would roll on itself.  Knit jersey is magical like that.

Lil Sis has already claimed this as her own, but seeing as I have two little chickies and one must have what the other does, I have another idea for a sack for Big Sis for Halloween. 

See how this crazy cycle happens?

Oh, and never fear.  I didn't forget my original intention for the Hobo sacks.  One particular ballerina would be quite happy to know her special request pink and purple sack is completed.
She won't find out though until a certain gymnast's sack is finished, or else all hell will break loose between the sisters.

 We can't have that now, can we?

Now, just one more piece of candy corn...

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