Friday, September 24, 2010

It's School Days Sewalong Time!

I've been looking for a sewalong for the Oliver & S school days jacket - and I found one!  Jemelia from JemJam will be hosting a sewalong beginning soon, and I can't wait!

I've already got my fabric in  - purple microfleece and a fabulous little owl print for the liner.  I'm hoping the fleece works okay, seeing as the pattern calls for using wool.  I just couldn't do wool - both for my fear of cleaning it after my three year old gets ahold of it and because, hey, I live in Texas.  Wool isn't cool, literally.

I'll start cutting out my pattern pieces tonight, and I might even begin cutting out the fabric pieces if I get a chance.  I know the sewalong hasn't started yet, but with the pace of my crafting lately, I can use the biggest head start I can get.

Plus, this weekend is the county fair - so we'll be spending some time there taking in the rides, the animals, the petting zoo, and I'm certain lots of carney treats.  (Funnel cake anyone?)

Have a great Friday!

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