Friday, December 21, 2012

{Teacher Gift} Child’s Artwork Tea Towel

I wanted to do something special for my girls’ teachers this year, something a little more personal than the usual gift card or Bath and Body Works lotion set.  I wanted to give their teachers a gift that they could use and that would remind them of my girls beyond this Christmas.  This is the end result:
I had both of my girls draw pictures for their teachers – my oldest made an animated tree, complete with googly eyes.
artwork tea towel
My youngest drew a picture of her and her teacher with a tree and falling snow.  (Note, the circles on the pictures are sleeves, not what you think they are!  Giggle.)
I scanned their artwork into my computer and printed them on iron-on transfer paper.  I ironed the designs on to my fave flour sack towels from Target, added a jumbo rick rack trim and the bottom and embroidered over their names with a simple back-stitch.
I love children’s handwriting, and I love that the embroidery captures this sweet handwriting forever.
I packaged the towels with gift cards for the teachers and tied the gift with thick green yarn.
Here they are, ready for gift-giving today on the last day of school – made by hand, with lots of love from two special littles whose lives were touched by two wonderful teachers.

What are you giving as teacher gifts this year?

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  1. I simply love gifts like this. They're forever. They'll touch a special teacher's heart for sure.

    Merry Christmas!


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