Sunday, December 9, 2012

Magnolia Leaf Poinsettia

I’m continuing my nature-inspired Christmas series with my latest creation… my Magnolia Leaf Poinsettia!
While at my sister’s house last weekend, I asked if I could have some leaves from her magnolia trees with the intention of making a garland.  As I gathered fallen leaves, I quickly realized that I would need A LOT of leaves for a garland.  I toyed with the idea of a wreath, but that seemed pretty time-consuming as well.  So I ended with this: a festive poinsettia that didn’t cost a cent to make!

Want to make some for your home?  Here’s how:

You Will Need:

  • magnolia leaves (fresh or fallen, although fresh are a little more pliable)
  • liquid silver leaf (optional)
  • craft felt
  • hot glue gun
  • alligator clips (optional)


1.  This first step is optional if you don’t want your leaves silver, but if you do… brush on liquid silver leaf to your leaves.  Trust me, it’s beautiful.  You could use craft paint as well if you’re going for a colored look (traditional red or white, perhaps?).
2.  Once leaves have dried thoroughly, you’re ready to put your leaf “petals” together.  Cut a piece of felt 1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long.  Fold in thirds, securing with hot glue.  This will form a sturdy base for your poinsettia.
3.  Take your leaves and hot glue to felt base in a cross pattern.  (You’ll want to not only glue the center/stems, but also the back of the leaf to the felt.)
4.  Allow the glue to dry a bit, then add four more leaves in a cross pattern between the first leaves.
5.  Set aside to dry fully.  Now, out of your felt, you’ll need to cut a shape like this:
I just free-handed this, alternating heights as I went.  (If you’re in need of a template, let me know and I’ll get one on the blog).
6.  Roll felt piece at the bottom edge, securing with hot glue as you go.
When you’re done, it will look like this:
7.  Hot glue your felt “stamen” to the center of your poinsettia.
8.  You’re done!  (Unless, of course, you want to add an alligator clip on the back so you can clip this to a garland or tree limb.  If that’s the case, simply hot glue to felt base.)

I tucked my poinsettias into the garland over my front door…

I’m loving them! 
The rest of my entry still needs a little more… something.  Once I figure it out I’ll show you the full reveal!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you’re inspired to pick up some fallen leaves and give them a new life!
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