Friday, September 16, 2011

The Number One Reason to Hire a Painter

After spending the past weeks tackling the task of repainting my office (and I'm still not finished!)... I have discovered the number one reason to hire a painter rather than doing the job yourself:

Cutting In!

photo source: TLC Home

In the complete paint overhaul of this room, I've primed, taped, painted the interior window edges and ceiling... and last night, I cut in around the edges of the room... and the doors... and around the large plantation shutter.  Let me tell you - although necessary, this is not the fun part of painting.  It's not the whole "look, I'm smiling as I roll on a pretty new color" part of painting.  It's the grunt work, people.

Today though, Mr Home.Made. will be doing that fun rolling on part while I'm away at work and I can't wait to walk in the door to take a peek.  It will be fabulous and refreshing and rewarding...

And then it will be time to tape and repaint all of the trim.

Got a number of a painter you'd like to share for my next paint project?!

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