Friday, September 9, 2011

{Friday Faves} Acorns

The girls and I have been enjoying some evening walks, scooter/wagon rides lately... ever the good helpers, they've been collecting fallen acorns for me along the way.  What will I be doing with them?  You'll have to wait and see.  But here are some ideas I've discovered on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing in case you're achin' for an acorn craft!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Love this beaded acorn... the girls would have fun with this!

My love for felted acorns runs deep... but in a rainbow palette?  I might have to marry them!

The infamous acorn wreath from Dana!

Source: via Mel on Pinterest

Little acorn people?!  Love it!  Check out the little acorn dog!

As always, Martha doesn't disappoint.  Love the way she uses acorn caps to adorn this mirror.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday - what are you working on today?

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