Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Floors Clean with Swiffer Wet Jet

When we first looked at our home, I fell in love with the hardwood and tile flooring and was thrilled with the idea of having carpet in only one room.  If I would've known what work it was to maintain those floors, maybe I would have felt differently!  With a carpeted room, it's not so obvious when I don't get a chance to vacuum... but with hard flooring, the evidence is right before your eyes.  Drips from children running in from the pool... dribbles from popsicles... not to mention the sticky spots that no one seems to know anything about.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who deals with this!)

I tried to keep up with regular mopping, but sometimes I just didn't feel like lugging out the mop and bucket again.  That's when I got myself the Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit, and it has been a great solution.  

Here's what I love:

The Wet Jet is always ready to go when I need it (no bucket required).

I can use the Wet Jet on all of my hard flooring with a simple switch of the cleaning solution (I use the Hardwood cleaner and the Lavender and Vanilla cleaner - my fave)!

It's easy to spot clean my floors  when drips and spills occur (inevitably the moment I finish mopping the floors...).

I'll admit that I am a mopping purist, so nothing will ever completely replace my old mop and bucket for those good deep cleans, but the Swiffer Wet Jet is a nice stand-in for all of those "oops" moments that happen in a household with children, a husband, and a few pooches.  

Here's the best part:

If you haven't yet tried a Swiffer Wet Jet but you'd like to, now is the perfect time because P&G is offering  10% off all items now through August 31st AND free shipping for purchases over $25!  As an Olympic sponsor, P&G also has some great Olympic-themed bundles and deals (Go Gabby Douglas!)

To get in on these great promotions, just click through to the site below.  This widget is unique to the home.made. site, so P&G will know I sent you!

Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit

*Disclosure:  I am a Swiffer Wet Jet owner by my own accord and these are my honest opinions of the product.  While I was not paid for this post, I may receive commissions from any sales purchased through the above link.*

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  1. I'll take wood floors over carpet any time! If you think your wood floors track dirt, at least you can sweep it up. Think of what is hiding under those carpeted floors? I agree with you, the Swiffer Wet set is wonderful. I sweep my floors every day and use the swiffer once a week. Thanks for the reminder to share the good stuff!


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