Monday, August 13, 2012


Today is my thirty-fifth birthday.

It's funny.  As I get older, it seems that birthdays come and go without much pomp and circumstance, and that's perfectly fine with me.  I find that rather than it being a day to celebrate my seemingly small existence in this gigantic world, it's become more of a day for me to reflect on how well I used the past year...

Did I hug without holding back?

Did I love well?

Did I let my girls know enough how deeply I adore them?

Was I a good spouse or a good friend?

Did I make it count?

While I'd love to say that every moment of year 34 was spent wisely, I must admit that there were moments I missed because I was tired, or irritated, or just too caught up in my to-do list to look up at the world around me.  

But there were also times that I think I got pretty close to getting it right...

35. (sheesh)

Here's to making life beautiful, one day at a time.


  1. I hope you had a nice birthday, Rhonda! I like your little tagline {or whatever you'd call it!} "Here's to making life beautiful, one day at a time." :)

  2. Happy birthday Rhonda!! Loved your post - it's so true! We all need to take a moment to look around and make sure we are making the best use of our time.


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