Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday...

It's my birthday too yeah!

Yes,  it's true.  Today is my 29th... ok, 34th birthday!  Here's a list of 34 things about me:

  1. I could eat my weight in chips and salsa.
  2. I'll take a good beer over a fruity drink any day!  (What can I say?  I'm German!)
  3. I love karaoke.
  4. I'm a little crafty (but you already knew that).
  5. I take my coffee strong.
  6. I have an ongoing battle with my snooze button.
  7. I used to walk across stages in just a swimsuit and four inch heels.  (Miss Texas, woot!)
  8. I am still crazy in love with my husband.
  9. I want to own a little shop one day and sell handmade items and vintage treasures.
  10. I wish my sister lived next door.
  11. I love watching my babies sleep.
  12. I secretly want to be Martha Stewart.
  13. My favorite color is robin egg blue.
  14. Someday I'd love a little house on a lake or on the beach.
  15. One day I want to run a marathon.
  16. Right now I can barely run two miles.  Ha!
  17. I wish my girls could've known my mother...
  18. And I wish my mom would've had the chance to be a grandma.
  19. If it's chocolate, I'll eat it.
  20. I would love to have a green thumb.
  21. I've lived in four states.
  22. I still know all of the words to "Ice, Ice Baby".  (Jealous?)
  23. Flying makes me soooo anxious.
  24. I love puppy breath.
  25. I love my kid's dragon morning breath too!
  26. I love wearing heels.
  27. I never had a cavity until this year.  (See No. 19)
  28. I can't live without cherry vanilla diet coke from Sonic.
  29. My girls are my pride and joy.
  30. I actually like cleaning my house... provided no one interrupts me!
  31. I don't like snakes.
  32. I believe in the Lord,
  33. I believe in karma,
  34. and I believe in angels. 

So that's it... a little bit about me.  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Happy Birthday Rhonda!! Hope you have a fabulous day!! Love reading this list!! I may now refer to you as Miss Texas all the time! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Number 30?! Yeah, I totally get it, same here! :P


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