Monday, August 29, 2011

The Chaturunga Run

If the title of this blog post has you wondering, lucky you.

If, instead, it has you cringing... then you have felt the pain that is P90X.

I have only done two days so far of this workout and I have muscles speaking to me that haven't spoken in a long time.  Really long time.  Ouch.  Let me just say the Chaturunga Run is pure torture - and I could only do it physically for a second or two!

I will admit - I succumbed to the 5:30 am infomercial and ordered this workout system a while back.  It's been sitting in my poop brown office waiting to be used all this time and I finally got off my arse and decided to get to work.  I haven't really invested alot in taking care of my body since my children came along... and with my age getting higher and certain parts getting lower, I thought now was the perfect time.

The diet part I haven't quite committed to yet cause, let's face it: when you have kids, you have "junk" food around.  I don't think my first grader would appreciate me packing her a protein bar instead of chips in her lunch box, if you know what I mean.  The hard part is not eating it when those hunger pangs hit - the instant satisfaction offered by a carb-loaded snack is something I've grown used to over the years and it's a hard habit to break.  (As is my chocolate habit...)  I do find that I am a little more conscious of what's going into my body seeing as I know how hard I'll be working that body later - if any of you have any great protein smoothie recipes, send them my way (palatable, please!).

I missed today's workout due to having a day filled with dropoffs and work and pickups and quick dinner and gymnastics and home and baths and brushing teeth and reading.  Not a lot of time there to break a sweat (other than in the 110 degree car).  Believe it or not, after feeling the initial burn, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow morning's Cardio X routine.

I'll let you know how I feel about it after I'm finished.

If it involves a Chatarunga Run... you can already guess how I'll be feeling.

What about you?  Any new workout routines motivating you to get up and get moving?

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  1. omg, you are amazing for even trying that work out! i did insanity for a month and it kicked my butt!!


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