Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paint Swatch is on the Wall!

After living in my home for nine months and living with the poop chocolate brown dungeon office, I finally slapped a swatch of color on the walls to motivate me to just go ahead and paint the room already.  What color, you ask?  Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart. 

Already, I am loving it and imagining how much lighter and brighter this room will be when this color graces all four walls and the trim is painted a bright shiny white.


Just as a side note, I have to say that I love that paint companies finally wised up and started offering sample sizes for us DIYers to try.  I can't tell you how many quarts of paint I went through in my first home trying to find the right shade of a color to put on the wall.  These little testers are fantastic - the Sharkey Gray came in a ready-made tester (complete with brush) and I had another sample whipped up real quick by the paint counter gal for a color to try in my entry.  (I'm saving that one for later - one room at a time, right?)

I also love this little paint touch up kit, which I bought as a paint sampler kit:

Genius, I tell ya.  Genius.

And to not let it go to waste... I plan on rinsing out the container and brush and letting the girls "help" mama a little when it does come time for painting day.

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  1. Fun! I'm looking for a nice gray for the master bedroom. I think I'm about to play the paint sample game!!


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