Saturday, August 27, 2011


Good morning, and happy Saturday!

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table drinking coffee and listening to the news coverage of Hurricane Irene in the background.  As I look out the windows into my backyard, I'm greeted by wilting plants and brown leaves, scorched grass, and a sinking rock patio. 

The ground is thirsty.

It hasn't rained here (I mean really rained) in a very long time.  We're on water restrictions, so our watering is limited (plus we don't want a ginormous water bill). And while my yard and plants are suffering from the lack of rainfall, the drought's effects are much more far-reached in this area.

Crops have died and fields have been plowed over.  The farm-to-market drive I take to work is usually lined with glorious cornfields - but not this year.

Livestock are starving.  There is no grass in the fields for them to eat, no hay because the hay crops died... so the ranchers are selling off their cattle in droves.

Fires are consuming the dry, parched land.

It is a sad, sad situation.  We in Texas are literally praying for a hurricane to head our way just so we could get some rain!

Would you do me a favor?  Would you pray for all of those affected by this year's drought to finally have some relief in the form of glorious rain, like manna from heaven?  We need to be quenched.

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  1. I have prayed for the drought. Isn't weather a bizarre thing? Today we've had sooooo much rain....but yet there can be none for months and months in other places. Confusing.



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