Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today we are scheduled to finally close on the home we decided to sell this past summer.  We've had delayed closings for the past two months, so it's surreal that this is actually going to happen.  And although I've been a bundle of nerves about it all, things are actually falling into place, albeit a little differently than we had planned.

Our original plan was to build another home as we had done with this one.  We painstakingly drew up plans, moving around rooms, changing doorways, etc.  Our lot was set to close right after we closed on the house.  And then it was delayed.

After we had already moved out.


So we extended both closings, waiting for the bank to decide we were all good to go.  In the meantime, we went to see a house.

And fell in love with the idea of raising our girls there.  With both closings pending, we weren't certain how this would work out.  But then came closing day #2...

And it was delayed.

We forfeited the land, made an offer on the home, holding our breaths until we could close on our previous home and make this all happen. 

Today is the day, and I'm still waiting to exhale.

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