Friday, July 2, 2010

Love Your Lunchbox!!

I finished Big Sis' new lunchbox this morning, and I adore it!!  Let me tell ya, if she doesn't want to use it to take her lunch to school, I have no shame using it for mine! 

The fabric is just so gorgeous and soooo my daughter - it truly makes this bag beautiful.

My dh kept watching me construct this bag, acting like it was the most difficult project ever, and I had to laugh... because it wasn't!  There are quite a few steps involved, but it really is an easy pattern to follow and an easy project to make.  If I didn't have to make things in stage (due to wanting  needing to get some sleep), I could've finished this in a day or two.

There are pockets on either side of the bag, just the right size for utensils or for a fruit roll-up, and dontcha love the contrast of the fabrics?  Moments like this make my heart go *pitter* *patter*.

And the glorious interior!  The pattern suggested oilcloth or cotton for the interior lining, and I opted for the cotton since I knew I'd be washing this bag frequently.  (I also didn't feel like switching out my sewing needle, but we won't mention that...)

A couple of things:  I didn't put in the bottle holder that was part of the pattern.  After cutting it and looking at its size, I didn't think it'd fit any of the cups or bottles we own, and at that point, I was too anxious to put the bag together that I didn't make a larger one.  No biggie.
If When I make this again (I can already guess that Lil Sis needs one too), I'll make a few more changes.  I'll probably add an interior pocket so I can insert a cold pack or smaller snacks.  If I add a bottle holder, I'll just make two fabric strips with velcro so it is adjustable for different size bottles/cups.  I'll also probably reduce the seam allowance, which is a generous 5/8 inch.  I hated cutting off so much of the seam, thinking that the bag could've been a teensy bit bigger otherwise!

Other than those, I wouldn't change a thing.

Now... is it lunchtime yet?!


  1. Lovely Lunch box!!!
    and you did such a great job.
    What pattern did you use?

  2. thank you for the pattern link. i bought and waiting anxiously to try it out.


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