Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Truck Trash Bag... for Him!

When I was writing the trash bag tutorial way back when, I offered one of my prototypes to my dh to use in his truck, and he gave me two reasons he didn't want one.
1.  It wasn't "manly" enough.
2.  It wouldn't fit on his power cord cap.
I bought some camo fabric and altered the design a little... and came up with this:

I omitted the buttonhole and instead added two straps with velcro, to secure the trash bag around your headrest.

I love the camouflage, and I think it'll meet the "manly" requirement.  I did sneak in a little bit of girly with the coral liner (cause that's the color I had!)... we'll just call it "Safety Coral", right?

*** I will be adding the strap option to the tutorial, but probably not until the weekend.***
And for those of you not wanting to make one of these, I'll hopefully be adding some to my etsy shop this weekend as I am beginning:
Operation New Sewing Machine!!
That's right... I'm ready to trade up for a better sewing companion but I'm gonna need to sell some 'wares to get the dough for it.  Stop by this weekend to check out my etsy and get the new tutorial option!

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