Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lovin' Lil Blue Boo

After admiring her creations for some time, I finally purchased one of Lil Blue Boo's patterns... and I am in love!  I made the most adorable little dresses for the girls out of some of their tee-shirts and some jersey knit I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby. 
I chose the T-shirt halter pattern, since it is summer, and was so pleased with the results!  Check out this cutie:

The tee is one she got from Nana and Popo's trip to Mount Rushmore - I love the shirt, but she'd never wear it, so I turned it into a dress.

Big Sis was the recipient of a dress as well, but she was not happy about being told what to wear this morning.  The drama was ridiculous.  She has lost her fascination with anything that mama makes her, and thus puts up a fight when I want her to wear something I've made - I admit, I was not the most patient mama this morning while listening to her wailing and whining.  I wonder sometimes if any other 5 year olds in the world act like this... I sometimes think we give her too much freedom and independence that she thinks she is the one running the show.

I digress.

Back to the dress.  The cutting and sewing was incredibly quick and easy, and I can see myself making a lot of these in the future - right down to getting a limited license from LBB so I can sell some, perhaps? (I love the idea of using soft old shirts with interesting graphics and turning them into something new and completely different.)  Rather than add the loops in back to tie the straps, I simply added some elastic to help pull in the fabric in the back for a better fit.  In the future, I'll probably either get thinner elastic and place it under the trim or I'll attempt some smocking with elastic thread.  We'll see.

This was the first time I've sewn with jersey knit, and I'm loving that as well - I even threw together a little racerback tank this afternoon (that was not picture worthy, but it'll be good for a trip to the gym - LOL) for me.  I can't wait til Ashley comes out with a pattern for adults - I'll be all over that.

Now... just wishing I hadn't taken all those old shirts to Goodwill! 

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