Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simplicity 2586 - I've Conquered the Dress

So here it is... the big reveal.  I have to say, even a size or two big, this dress is cute.  I still need to alter it down to fit me properly, but here are some pics anyway... cause I just couldn't wait!  I enlisted the help of my dh to be photographer - Lord knows you can't get a decent pic trying to set the timer and run!

The linen is a little heavy, but the color makes up for it.  Hopefully it'll just get softer with each wash...I bought the fabric here


The ruffle detail at the bottom is one of the reasons I first picked up the pattern - and you know how much I detest gathering... but it was worth it.  I love the way it flounces when I walk.  Whee!

The gathered detail around the neckline and sleeve add a special something as well... I love this neckline.  And as much as I procrastinated on the sleeves, they were really nothing to be afraid of.  The instructions were easy to follow, even for the gathering part!

I love it.  Seriously - I can't wait to alter it so I can wear it out somewhere!  And don't you think it would be great with one of these great Anthro belts??


Crazy as it sounds, I'd love to make this again.  The end product is worth it - I wonder how it'd look in a jersey knit??!!


  1. Great job. Simplicity makes the best patterns. They really are the easiest to follow.

  2. i have to agree. the dress looked great on you

  3. awesome job! I've notice that I have troubles with sizes of their patterns-I used them couple of times and sizes were larger then I expected. well, I made it for my baby at that time, so it was not waisted at least:)


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