Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Felt Acorn Garland

One of my favorite things about this time of year is collecting fallen acorns as I walk around my neighborhood.  I love using them in my décor and fall crafts, like my Acorn Tree or Glittered Acorns or Giving Thanks Wreath… and my latest addition, a DIY Felt Acorn Garland.

One of the bad things about fresh acorns is that they eventually begin to dry out and shrink and then fall out of their caps, so making a garland out of the real deal would be beautiful but it wouldn’t last long.  I decided to use some leftover felt balls to create a longer-lasting acorn garland.

To make this, you will need:
  • Acorn caps of varying sizes
  • Felt balls of varying sizes
  • Twine or Yarn
  • Hot Glue
Felt Acorn DIY

This project is very simple – simply hot glue the felt ball inside the acorn cap.

Felt Acorn DIY Tutorial
DIY Felt Acorn

Next, hot glue the acorns to a thin piece of twine or yarn for your garland, leaving room at the ends for hanging.  So simple and such a sweet touch of fall.

DIY Felt Acorn Garland

I added mine to my Dining Room Hutch, along with a glittered apple garland.

Tutorial Felt Acorn Garland

I look forward to using this garland for many seasons to come… I’m already thinking about making another with all white felt balls – wouldn’t that be pretty?  I could even find a way to work it into my Christmas décor somehow…

Have you been making anything with fallen acorns?  Link up in the comments so I can see!

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