Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Oilcloth Fridge Liners

Hey hey friends!  Happy Friday to you!  I’m back from my unplanned but much needed summer sabbatical with a fun project that totally changed the look of my refrigerator: DIY Oilcloth Fridge Liners. 

DIY Fridge Liner

Our refrigerator had some sort of mishap last week that involved the smell of something burning (according to Mr. home.made.), so we unplugged and unloaded it to investigate the issue… luckily it was apparently nothing major so we were able to put the fridge back in service, but not before cleaning it.  Ew.  I don’t think I realized how gross things had become in there until it was completely empty and out there for all to see: spilled yogurt, dried up lettuce leaves, and Lord knows what else.

After removing and scrubbing shelves for what seemed like forever, I was ready to not do that again anytime soon.  I found these great Fridge Coasters online, but I wasn’t ready to invest in them until I knew the concept would work for my family.  Instead, I got out what remained of my oilcloth stash.  A few measurements and cuts later, I had my own version of fridge liners that were just as cute and functional but didn’t cost me anything.  The plan is to remove these liners when soiled and simply wash/dry/replace.

DIY Fridge Liner Oilcloth

I lined my produce and meat/cheese drawers with the liners, as well as the shelves on the refrigerator doors.  I chose to not line the additional glass shelves as the oilcloth is light-blocking, which makes it difficult to see what’s on the darker shelves below.

DIY Oilcloth Fridge Liner

I made the door shelf liners by tracing the shelf onto the oilcloth, cutting in an inch from the outer front edge so the liner would fit the inside of the shelf.  Super easy. 

Organized Fridge

I couldn’t leave you without a shot of the organized, clean (and empty) fridge *hallelujah!* – the liners really go a long way to making it appear much cleaner and neater so I’m hoping it will stay that way. 

Note: must get wine to fill that empty bottle holder.

Hope you’ve had a great week – enjoy the weekend!

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