Monday, July 29, 2013

Safari Room Dresser Makeover

Hey guys! Happy Monday to ya! I was out of town for a few days last week so it'll be back to normal this week.  As good as traveling is, it's always nice to be home, know what I mean?

I'm excited today to show you the latest furniture makeover in the home.made. abode. Remember that safari room I started on, oh, a year and a half ago? The one with the Green Desk makeover and the Zebra Nightstand? Oh yeahhhhh, that one. Well, we finally got around to redoing my daughter's dresser,the companion to the zebra nightstand.

home.made. White and Wood Dresser

I'm sorta loving it.

Like the nightstand, this dresser had previously been painted pink. I knew I wanted a stained top, so I started by stripping the paint from the top of the dresser with Citrasolve. Huge props to my hubby, who helped me a lot on this part. He sanded and stained and poly'd like a pro. I mean, look at that beautiful finish... like glass, baby!

home.made. White and Wood Dresser

As for the paint... after painting and waxing the White and Aqua Hutch I was pooped, so I was not feeling the chalk paint.  Instead, I went the lazy easy route and used regular latex primer and paint (rolled on... holla!). The color is Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk color-matched in Glidden paint.  It's a nice warm white that is not too white and not too yellow.

home.made. White and Wood Dresser

There's still some decorating to be done before there will be a full Safari Room reveal, but tackling this dresser was a huge leap towards completion.  Still left to do: compiling a gallery wall, figuring out curtains, and hopefully having a brilliant aha! moment to make my daughter's "pets" a little more decor friendly.

home.made. White and Wood Dresser

For now, I'm celebrating another to-do being done.  

It's such a good feeling, right?


  1. What a beautiful dresser! I love the stained wood top look..very chic and pretty! Nice project :O

    Thanks for stopping by with nice comments the other day!

  2. Well done. The top is my favorite. :) It's a nice contrast to the shabby punch of white.


  3. What a cute dresser! I love the top! It's so pretty! :)

  4. The dresser is beautiful! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!


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