Sunday, November 18, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo Inspired by Life In Grace

You know your man loves you when he comes home to this and is totally okay with it:


Um, yeah.  That would be my master bedroom, covered in drop cloths and stuff since I got a wild hair this weekend and decided to paint this room once and for all.

Our room is still the same olive green color that it was when we bought the house two years ago.  At first, I didn’t mind it because our stuff “went with it”, but over time it has become dark and dreary and I was ready to lighten things up a bit.


Plus, everything was olive green.  The walls, the tray ceiling… and even the inset on the tray ceiling, except for one special touch (wait for it)… crackle finish.

Hell to the yeah.


Anyway… it’s time for all of the olive green-ness to go.  I’m ready to open up the space visually with a clean, white ceiling and some greigey walls.

I’ll admit that I have yet to complete my oldest daughter’s bedroom makeover… and my office/game room makeover… and my kitchen and laundry cabinet overhaul.  Oy.  But I’m putting all of those off a little longer to focus on this space, especially after reading Edie’s take on it during her 31 days of Hospitality series.  Ever since I read her post, I’ve been thinking about making over this room because what she said struck a chord with me.  The most important relationship of my family begins in this room and it is the one that has been sadly neglected for the past several years.

Soooo… I decided I’m doing something about that.  It started today with my fave ceiling paint.  Then will come freshly painted walls, some new linens, a dresser that I’m dying to show you… and of course, a date night that I’ve already booked with a new babysitter.

Let the Hospitality in the Bedroom begin!

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