Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moss Pumpkin Topiary

pumpkin topiary 2

I’ve finally completed my fall mantel, but before the full reveal I wanted to share my Moss Pumpkin Topiary (a complement to my Simple Fall Moss Wreath).

This topiary, in its previous life, was a felt circle topiary that I made for Valentine’s Day three years ago.  I had originally planned to make a felt circle pumpkin like Clean & Scentsible, but changed my mind once I remembered how long it took me the last time!  Instead, I decided to use some of the moss left over from my wreath.

Using the same technique as the wreath, I arranged the moss on the foam topiary and secured with florist pins/stakes.  Some teal velvet ribbon was pinned in place to mimic pumpkin grooves.  The final touch?  A cinnamon stick stem, placed on a floral pin.

moss pumpkin topiary 2

The bucket was pink and covered with hearts from its formed Valentine d├ęcor life, so I covered it with burlap (hotglued into place so I can easily remove it and reuse it later) and added some lace ribbon trim from my stash.

burlap and lace

So simple and pretty.  I love it.

pumpkin topiary

Full mantel reveal coming soon!


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  1. Oh this is so cute and just passed up some clay pots at the store too. I may still have to give it a try, because then I could still use it for Christmas with some add greenery.
    I am not following you.


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