Thursday, September 13, 2012

13.1 Thursdays

So here’s the skinny… my sister asked me if I wanted to run a half marathon on her birthday this year.  Foolishly, I said yes.

What was I thinking?!

Since I’m committed to doing this, I’ve had to start training so come November 11th, I’ll be able to cross the finish line rather than having my sweaty body peeled off of the pavement.  Ha!  I thought I’d share the experience with you, so welcome to 13.1 Thursdays, where I chronicle my half marathon training journey.


Each week, I’ll fill you in on my training plan, cool running gear that I can’t live without, and the latest tunes on my playlist.  I’ll also let you in on the challenges I’m facing as well as my accomplishments.

You ready?  Here we go with our first edition of 13.1 Thursdays!

Okay, so to be honest, I was going to wait to train until 12 weeks prior to the race.  Then, a friend talked me into running a 4.5 miler with her.  In July.  In Texas.

I thought I was going to die.

That event was a great eye opener for me about just how out of shape I was.  It also made me very scared for running a distance three times that much!  I knew I needed to get back into running soon if I was going to survive my 1/2.

After talking to several marathoner friends, I decided the Galloway method of run/walk was for me.  My goal is to survive training without injury and finish the 1/2 marathon in November.  I’m not out to be a marathon superstar and I’m certainly not so proud that I won’t walk.  Once I’ve got this one under my belt and decide to do another (riiiiiight), then we’ll talk about running the whole thing.

Because it has been dreadfully hot this summer, all of my training has been indoors, on a treadmill.  I know, it’s unorthodox, and doesn’t exactly simulate race-like conditions.  But here’s the deal: I’m a full-time working mom.  I have a spouse who works twelve hour shifts – so on days he works, I’m essentially a single parent (this includes every other weekend…).  I have to run when I can, and sometimes that means my girls are playing on the neighborhood playground or entertaining themselves with their games while mama’s on the treadmill. 

Any running is better than no running – I figure at least I’m building endurance and getting  used to the distances.

So, my current training plan consists of: running 3-4 miles twice during the week with alternating cross-training if I can, and a long run on the weekend.  It’s a combination of training plans I found through the Jeff Galloway website and Runner’s World.  Runner’s World even has a feature called Smart Coach, where you can build your own training plan.  Pretty cool.

So how am I doing, you ask?

Well, this past week, so far, so good (minus no cross-training)

Monday – 4.5 miles

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 3 miles

Thursday – Rest

Tomorrow I’ll maybe do a light cross-train cause I’m planning on running 5-6 miles on Saturday morning.  I was hoping to get outside since a cold front is bringing us 60 degree weather, but unfortunately, it’s also bringing rain.  Good for the dry ground, not so great for running.

Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

My SPI Belt, which holds my phone during my run so I can listen to Pandora non-stop.  Love.

My Pick-up-the-Pace Playlist

We Run the Night – Havana Brown

Hello – Karmin

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

I’m still trying to figure out how to embed a playlist, so hopefully next week I’ll have that for you.  If you’re in need of some good music to keep you running, try these.  Or try Today’s Hits on Pandora – that’s what I do!


I hope you stick around with me during this crazy adventure, and if you’re training as well, fill me in on any tips you have or maybe just empathize with me along the way!  Wish me luck for that long run this weekend!


  1. We can do this....and we will make it across that finish line my friend! Muwahhhh!

  2. It sounds like you have a great plan! One way that I've embed playlists is through grooveshark. If you can find the songs you're wanting, you can make a little playlist & share it from there. You could also try playlist, but they don't seem to have as many songs. Good luck with your training!


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