Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Friday Faves} – Gallery Walls

Ever since repainting the hallway, I’ve dreamt of having a multi-functional gallery wall there.  The location is perfect since it’s an area we walk past frequently and there’s a perfect view of the wall from our kitchen.  I’m slowly piecing items together and was ready to get started today but my Pottery Barn daily system wall calendar arrived with a cracked frame, darnit.  Luckily, a new one’s already on the way (and I see now that they’re full price again so I’m glad it got it on sale!); so while my gallery wall plans are on a temporary hold, here are some great ideas from Pinterest to get your decorative juices flowing…

I love how the frames cover the entire wall, not just the top portion.

I'm planning on incorporating frames to display my girls' masterpieces, similar to these.

I have a crush on all things chalkboard.  I've already turned an old magnetic board into a chalkboard, but I like the chalkboard wall.  Hmmmm.

Source: via Deb on Pinterest

Again with the chalkboard.  Hmmm.

Hope to bring my dream to fruition soon!
What are your thoughts on gallery walls?

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  1. Good luck with your wall! I do love the white frames on white wall too, so simple yet beautiful.


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