Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pantry Pinspiration

When we decided to buy our current home, there were things we loved about it and things we'd have to learn to live with.  One of these things was the kitchen pantry.  We built our prior home and it had a fantastic walk-in pantry, complete with automatic light when you opened the door.  *sniffle*  I miss that pantry.

This home has a tall cabinet that is intended for pantry use, which wouldn't be so bad if not for the depth of the cabinet.  Sometimes I feel like I'm reaching into a black hole when all I wanted is a can of beans!  (And I have long arms, people!)  I've made do for the past year with an assortment of organizers and baskets, but at best, this pantry is just organized chaos that DOES NOT WORK for our needs.

Did I mention that I miss my old pantry?


We're planning on a kitchen remodel to include fixing the pantry situation, but seeing as that's in the very distant future, I'm looking for ways to make our current pantry more functional.  Here are some of my fave ideas from my Pinterest pin board...

This is pretty close to my current pantry size, although they obviously live on much less food than I do!  Love the pull-out drawers, door storage, and planked interior.

Again, pull-out drawers and door storage - such smart use of space.  And those pull-out baskets?  Incredible.

Source: via rhonda on Pinterest

Great use of space with the stackable containers, and the colorful background and labels add a great punch of color.  The organization makes my OCD very happy.

Source: via rhonda on Pinterest

Pinned this simply for the color combo... aqua, red, and pink!  What's not love?

And a door storage solution that I found... love the idea of taking storage to other areas than the shelves!

What about you?  Any pantry dilemmas or is it just me?

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  1. Why is keeping the pantry organized so difficult? Maybe not for some people...but for me. I'm right there with you...I have got to start a pantry organization project!


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