Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How does your garden grow?

The weather here has been so fickle lately... cold one day, mild the next... so much so, in fact, that the plants are confused and already beginning to bud as if it were springtime.  Seeing all of the fresh sprouts of green has me yearning to dig in the dirt!  

What's on my mind, you ask?  Roses.

Yes, roses.

I've given up on trying to grow hydrangeas.  As lovely as they are, they just don't tolerate the scorching heat and soil conditions in Texas.  I'll just have to admire everyone else's beautiful flowering hydrangea bushes from afar... *sigh*.

Roses, however, might just work.  They seem to do well in almost every planting zone and they actually like sunlight, which is a good thing around these parts.  I've been doing a little researching about growing roses before I get started, in hopes that I might have gardening success!

Prepping Soil for Rose Gardens

You had me at How to Grow Cabbage Roses

Source: via rhonda on Pinterest

Better Homes and Gardens has an extensive page on rose-growing.

And how to grow bare root roses... from someone who's had success with it.

These gorgeous blooms would be such a reward for a little outdoor elbow grease - can you imagine having roses at your beckon call for fresh-cut flowers?

Next stop... the library for more research and then it's time to get planting!

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