Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Tutorial} Ric Rac Roses!

Here's the tutorial I featured on Rags to Stitches this past week...

So, just in time for spring... a tutorial for sweet little ric rac roses!  These are the same little guys that grace my Easter Wreath right now on my front door - I love them on a wreath, I love them in my little girls' hair, I pretty much love them everywhere!

This tutorial is to make a rose with a flat bottom, so it's easy to convert to a hair clip or to add to a tee shirt or even a precious package for someone special!

What You'll Need:
Jumbo Ric Rac - 36 inches in length (or longer depending on the size of rose you want)
Hot Glue
Band Aids (for hot glue burns... oh wait, that's just me)

Ready to get started?  Here we go!

1.  Roll/fold in one end of your ric rac and glue into place.  If your ends have frayed, trim them now and dab a drop of glue on the edge.

2.  Begin to roll the center of your flower into the upward curve (hill) in your ric rac.  Secure with glue.

3.  Now you should be ready to roll into the downward curve of your ric rac (valley).  Before you do so, fold the ric rac upward from the bottom of the valley until you overlap the top of the valley.

4.  Add a dab of glue and continue rolling your flower, keeping the bottom edges aligned.

5.  If your flower begins to have a raised center as you roll, try to line up the edge a little bit above the the previous roll.  This helps even out the outer "petals".

6.  If you're not sure where to place your dabs of glue, this is what I do.  I place a dab immediately before a roll onto a hill and immediately before a roll into a valley.  This helps secure your lower and upper petals.

7.  Continue rolling your flower until you reach the end of your ric rac. 

8.  At this point, take your tail end and secure it to the flat bottom edge with glue.  This step gives you a nice, clean edge to your petals and hides the end of the ric rac.

9.  And you are done... repeat as necessary to fill your home with blooms!

Thanks so much to Alissa for having me over!

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