Friday, April 29, 2011

Gift Wrap Organizer

I saw this great idea in Better Homes and Gardens a few months ago.  I saved the article in my "to-do" folder and I finally got around to it!  I previously had one of those stand-up plastic organizers for all of my giftwrap supplies, but it was constantly tipping over and spilling all of my goods and it took up precious floor space in my hall closet. 

The BHG article used this pantry organizer - after a little wait for backorder, I got one too!  It was well worth the $29.95 it cost.  Check it out...

The top shelf is perfect for holding little Mason Jars full of ribbon, twine, and gift tags.  The next shelf holds ribbon and tulle just waiting to adorn a present.  The third shelf has my go-to box of cards for virtually every holiday (Hallmark-holidays included), and the large bottom basket hold gift wrap, gift bags, and boxes.  I secured the gift wrap with elastic tied to either end.

The little bars are perfect for corraling tissue paper - and it keeps it nice and smooth instead of all wrinkled.

I love opening up the door and seeing all the pretty bags neatly organized!

We've got several birthday parties this weekend (including our own little four year old!), so I'll more than likely be putting this gift wrap station to use this weekend. 

Have a great weekend - Ariel party pics to soon follow!


  1. This is a fantastic idea!! I definitely need one!! All of my wrapping supplies are in a rubbermaid container under my bed!

  2. Love this idea and bought the organizer but after putting together found I had two extra shelves. Ideas for using the extras?

    LG from NJ

  3. Where can i get it!! Looked everywhere!


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