Monday, April 4, 2011

To Sleep, Perchance to Craft

Things have been busy around here... we spent the past week caring for a pukey-puke and working like the devil to make sure our lil chick didn't end up with a tummyache too.  Saturday, we decluttered via our neighborhood garage sale.  (It was quite successful, I might add.  I can now park in my garage!)  Sunday was filled with church services and an evening banquet celebrating a recent building fundraising campaign, interspersed with some flowerbed planting and dips in the pool (well, the kiddos at least).  It's been a fun-filled start to spring... leaving little time to be productive on the craft-front.

My sketch/idea book is full of ideas I'm waiting to try and yearning to show you, so hang in there.  The craftiness will return as soon as we catch up with this thing called life.

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