Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Week - and it's only Tuesday!

Have you ever had one of those weeks? 

Then you know exactly how I'm feeling right now...  AAAAACCCKKK!!

I'm at home with a sickypoo who has the Flu (and who, I'm certain, shared it with me - so much for that flu shot)...

I have a Fabulous Puppy Paw-ty to throw this Saturday and not only have to put together everything last minute, but am expected to make spectacular puppy cupcake magic happen...

I'm going on a trip next week and still need to pack, plan meals while I'm away, get paperwork together, and find a way to disguise that I'm not in swimsuit shape...

Can someone save me???!!!

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  1. Sorry y'all aren't feeling well! Your ideas for the Puppy Pawty are so cute. If you're still not feeling well, let go of perfection! Do what you can and take care of YOU. :o)


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