Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day - 2.4.2011

It's hard to believe we woke up to this yesterday:

I haven't seen snow on the ground since I was a child, so this was so great!  I made sure to grab some pictures just in case we aren't lucky enough to experience this again.  Even as I type this, the birds are outside already chirping like it's springtime!

Only a few little areas of this still remain on my back patio... it was fun while it lasted.  *sigh*

I love my girls' snow-sprinkled Barbie jeep!

Snowy rooftop - and a peek at my current project (a robin egg blue door!).  Details soon--

My oldest chicky made her first snow angel!

This photo makes me realize how big my big chicky is getting... *sob*

But this one reminds me that she'll always be our little girl...

Hope you enjoyed our Snow Day recap!  Have a great weekend~

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  1. Great post! So foreign to me being born and raised in Iowa- land of the 5 ft snow drifts- ICK! Wish ours would melt away AND wish I had a pool! -Beth


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