Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{home.made.} Nintendo DS cover

My hubby and I decided to get our oldest a DS for her birthday, so rather than wait until her birthday we went ahead and got her one this past weekend.  We neglected, however, to get her a case for it so I, like any good crafty mama would do, made her one.

Using the tutorial from the Mad Quilter, I whipped this up rather quickly during naptime yesterday, while I was at home with a sickypoo.  I found some cute fabrics from my stash and got to work...

The outer fabric is a gorgeous caribbean blue cotton twill - I love working with this fabric.  It's sturdy, but soft.  And it's durable, which is a plus with an active soon-to-be six year old!  The interior is Urban Flannels Pink Friends - cute and soft to protect the DS and game cartridges.

The pattern makes eight little pockets on the inside, just the perfect size for those tiny game cartridges.  I'm hoping it will keep us from losing them - they're not exactly cheap...

If I make another (which I might, considering lil Sis is already asking for one...), I'll add a wrist strap for easy carrying and maybe a zipper pocket on back for cords and such.  Come back in April - that's when I'll be making the next one!

What have you made for your kids today?


  1. Thats such a great idea! I just need to learn how to sew :) lol

  2. Yours is very cute! Thank you for the link to my blog


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