Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Won't Take Nothin But a Memory

It's our last week in this house (fingers crossed that closing goes well next week), and I've been a mix of emotions.  Excitement, fear, a little sadness... and I was most surprised by the sad feelings I'm experiencing.  Every inch of this house is connected to some of the most wonderful, crazy, stressful, fantastic moments in my life since bringing home our second baby girl and watching both of the girls grow and learn and develop a bond the past three years. 

Luckily, as I pack up belongings, I can pack away these memories in my mind, to remember and treasure forever.  Those first sleepless nights after bringing home Lil Sis, accompanied by the projectile vomiting she showered us with for nearly a year.  Big Sis finding frogs and lizards and grasshoppers and crickets and seeing bunnies and deer out the back window.  The girls riding their little bikes down the winding driveway.  Birthday parties, holidays, and get-togethers.  Piggy-back rides and games of chase around the living room, and moving the couch and coffee table to make a dance floor.


I know that the connection I have with this house are all of the memories we've made here, and I'm looking forward to many more wonderful memories at the next place we call home but it is still a little bittersweet anyhow.

This is the house where three became four.

This is the house where siblings became friends.

This is the house that built... us.

Thanks for the memories--

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