Saturday, August 28, 2010


We survived the first week of school... thank the Lord!  Big Sis had a fabulous time at kindergarten - she's pretty much loving everything except the cafeteria food, meaning lots of school lunches to pack.  Thankfully Amy from The Idea Room posted some of her great ideas!  If I can be that organized, my mornings should go very smoothly!

After spending the past two weeks moving out of our home into a rental, we were expecting to close on the house Thursday... it totally sucked to get a call from my hubby that morning saying the closing was delayed due to a lender issue. 


I'm having faith this will all work out in a month, so we can start the build on our new home.  Life in the rental house is good -- we've unpacked the chaos for the most part and hidden the rest in a spare bedroom.  It makes me have anxiety just peeking in that room at the boxes!  It's been exciting dreaming up the new home, flooring ideas, kitchen ideas... I find I'm picking up home decor magazines a little more frequently.  I'm still a little cautious (and superstitious perhaps) getting too excited until I know our home is actually SOLD.

These are stressful times, I tell ya.

Luckily, life has calmed down a bit for the weekend, and I can finally have some more time with my new sewing friend.  I have several things I'm wanting to make and have a couple of tutorials brewing in my head... now to just bring them to fruition!

First stop... the fabric store. 

Cause a girl can never have too much fabric, right?

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